I am an illustrator and artist. Recently I created a series of cohesive illustrations for a business-advice book, and completed several groups of astronomy-related educational posters. 
In my personal work I am currently exploring non-representational art, using automatic drawing and focusing on 'contentless' art. I draw thematic inspiration from the radical art movements of the early 1900s and am influenced by the delicate linework in Art Nouveau. Using bold colors and intricate, semi-random linework, I create emotional and chaotic art designed to mesmerize and inspire an introspective reaction from my audience.
In representational art, my favorite subjects are influential women from across history. I depict each one through a research-heavy lens, allowing myself to be guided by her unique personality and legacy, and utilize the stylistic motifs of her world.  With this work I hope to introduce people to the vast collective of empowered, influential, and unendingly diverse women who shaped history, yet have been neglected by storytellers either past or present because of their sex.

Are you looking for my costume design portfolio? Here it is!

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