Grace O'Malley 

Grace O'Malley is known as the Irish woman pirate of the 16th century. However, as the head of the Ó Mháille dynasty, she was far more than that. In fact, the case could be made that she was less a pirate than she was a political dissident who would use every avenue, both legitimate and otherwise, to combat English dominion over her native lands. She once met with Queen Elizabeth I and declared that she herself was a queen of Ireland, and refused to bow to another queen.

Li Qingzhao 

Li Qingzhao lived in 12th century China. She was a writer and poet, and is still known today for her strikingly personal, emotional poetry. She was happily married to an antique collector, and together they sacrificed their wealth to fund his collection. after two decades of matrimony, Li Qingzhao lost both her husband and her homeland as the Juchen Dynasty took Kaifeng, the capital of the Song Dynasty and her home. For the next 30 years, she lived in the Southern Song Dynasty and wrote copiously about her widowhood, her patriotism, and her husband's obsession with antiques, which, as she saw it, had cost them everything. She has been hailed as China's greatest woman poet.

Louise Labé

Louise Labé  was a humanist poet in Renaissance France. She was a proto-feminist who has made waves throughout history for her shockingly sexual love poems, compelling a 19th-century scholar to add an apologetic foreword to his translation. Occasionally known as La Belle Cordière (The Beautiful Ropemaker), she was among the most famous Renaissance women despite her non-noble birth. She even published a book of poetry, which she dedicated to a female friend.

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