I constructed this hat for a production of Grand Hotel.
After cutting out two strips of buckram on the bias according to the hat's circumference and height, I quilted them together. I then stitched it into a loop and bound both edges.
I cut a single piece of buckram into an oblong shape for the top of the hat. I cut tabs into the seam allowance and hand stitched the top into the crown, making sure that the tabs were on the inside. then i pinned and hand stitched the fashion fabric to the top, very slightly stretching it.
Next IĀ attached the fashion fabric for the crown. I pressed the top seam allowance under and used a small slipstitch to attach it to the flat top. then, again slightly stretching the fabric, I stitched the bottom seam allowance to the inside of the hat, making sure that the stitches did not affect the exterior.
After separately constructing the lining, I placed it into the shell and attached it by tacking the pieces together along the juncture of crown and top. Then, I folded the lining seam allowance toward the shell and slip stitched it slightly inside the hat's edge.
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