Arete's Philosophy
This piece was inspired by Arete of Cyrene, an ancient Greek philosopher. Her father, Aristippus, passed the management of the family's Cyrenaic school of philosophy to his daughter upon his death. She preached early hedonism, was famously egalitarian, and is one of a very few remarkable Greek women who maintained a career in philosophy.
Automatic Eithne/Postmodern Princess
This piece is inspired by the story of Eithne and Cian from the Irish Mythological Cycle. The intricate textures are altered automatic drawings based on Dua Lipa's Future Nostalgia album, and the composition is based on Irish Gothic architecture.
Written World
I made this piece in January 2018 as a companion to an article which explored the importance of children's literature. I did the linework on paper, then digitized and colored the piece using Photoshop.
Secretary Bird
This piece came about on a whim. Once I learned that Secretary Birds existed, I couldn't rest until I had drawn one. Silly yet stylistically strong, it remains one of my favorite pieces.
I made this piece in 2014 and it remains dear to my heart. It depicts Shamhat, a minor character in the epic of Gilgamesh who symbolizes nonviolence and love.
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