First, here is my collection of fan art. I focus on stylistic faithfulness in my linework and composition, and use color and texture to express the emotional impact of the source material. I gravitate toward impactful and high-energy color combinations. I create these works with the digital drawing app Adobe Fresco, and print them on recycled paper through a small local print shop. Below are some 12x15" prints, 4x5" postcards, and bookmarks which showcase my 12 fan art designs.
Second, here is my collection of original art. There are multiple series within this collection. The first and most significant series depicts historical women from around the world. This is my personal passion project. There are currently 5 of these compositions in my inventory, but by the end of June I will have added 4 more. In addition to 9 total compositions, I will have developed a short written component to accompany each artwork, which will contain information about the person depicted. My goal with this series is to teach young people about history from a person-first perspective, and to expose them to a diverse array of inspiring people. As with my fan art, I print this series on recycled paper through a small print shop. 
Below are, on the top row from left to right, Grace O'Malley, Lady K'abel, Une Jeune Fille a la Victime, Amanirenas, and Aud the Deep-Minded.
Here are the prototype versions of the 4 women that I will soon add to my inventory.  From left to right, they are Enheduanna, Li Qingzhao, Hildegard von Bingen, and Louise Labe.
The next series of original art in my display is my "Bubbles" collection, consisting of interweaving chains of brightly colored circles. There are 4 10x10", archive-quality pieces handpainted on wood, and around 24 small, upcycled, handpainted cards in an identical style. Below is a selection of these items. There are more in my inventory. 
Finally, my original work includes this cute-but-spooky limited series of little designs titled "Monster Mouth". These 6 designs are currently available in a 4x6" printed format, but sticker versions are in development currently.
Thank you for reviewing my application and looking through my gallery. I appreciate your time, and look forward to working with you! 
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