This is a mask made from Wonderflex, inspired by traditional Greek chorus masks and styled after the god Hephaestus.
The mask began in sections. I used an existing face mold to make the mask's base, and created sections of hair by draping wet strips of Wonderflex around pencils, paintbrushes, and my fingers to make complicated curl patterns.
Once I had the beard sections complete, I attached them to the base and added individual "strands" to make the transition from face to beard look more organic. I laid the rest of the hair individually as well, using the same curling method. 
After I had attached all of the hair, I painted the mask. I began with a realistic color scheme and placed shadows and lines to emphasize the facial features from a distance. I painted the hair using three shades of brown, then added touches of gold, copper and bronze to give the mask an element of magic.
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