Hooded, or: Being Black for Dummies by Tearrance Arvelle Chisholm (2018)
Hooded holds up a mirror to its audience and protests America's unfair targeting of African American youths.This story takes place after Trayvon Martin's death and explores the grim reality that young black men face today.
As the play progressed, Marquis and Tru both became more aware of the world's prejudice against them, culminating in a scene directly based on the circumstances in which Trayvon Martin was murdered.
Marquis' nightmare featured Neitzche's Apollo and Dionysus. Inspired respectively by Tupac and the Classical Greek ideal, the gods represented Marquis' inner conflict as his worldview changed.
Bald-faced symbolism, omnipresent in the script, became a source of inspiration. White was white and black was black in this Brechtian-style departure.
Characters were linked to each other by color scheme, with red lending emphasis to the points of conflict.
Director: Susan Shaughnessy
Set Designer: Kalani Lewis
Lighting Designer: Lydia Brinkmann
Sound Designer: Michael Moffit

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