I created this series of illustrations for the second edition of Richard Smith's business-advice book "People". Each of the book's 62 mini-chapters required its own relevant artwork.

Part I:  People

Chapter 1: Heroes are Not Welcome

Chapter 2: Be Yourself! Always. Everywhere. 

Chapter 3: Help, I Need Somebody! (The Great Standoff) 

Chapter 4: People are Awkward  

Chapter 5: Education is King (or Queen) 

Chapter 6: The Importance of Cheerleading  

Chapter 7: “Thinking” is an Action  

Chapter 8: Listen  

Chapter 9: The Most Uncommon Sense  

Chapter 10: The Perfect Boss  

Chapter 11: The Prefect Boss 

Chapter 12: The Perfect Employee

Chapter 13: The Imperfect Employee 

Chapter 14: Teamwork 

Chapter 15: Stress  

Chapter 16: Losing the Good Ones

Chapter 17: Stating and Questioning the Obvious  

Part II: The Job

Chapter 18: Results  

Chapter 19: Balancing the Three Ps  

Chapter 20: Dealing With Customers  

Chapter 21: Informational Meetings  

Chapter 22: Presentation Skills

Chapter 23: Managing Resource Constraints  

Chapter 24: Be A F.O.R.C.E. of Nature: The Secret Sauce in Effective Project Management  

Part III: The Games

Chapter 25: Ladders and Other Dangerous Things  

Chapter 26: Politics at Work—Game Playing  

Chapter 27: Passive Aggression  

Chapter 28: Will All The Assholes Please Stand Up?  

Chapter 29: Going Up—Escalation Culture  

Chapter 30: “Not Invented Here” Syndrome  

Chapter 31: We Are Watching You  

Chapter 32: Micro-Management: The Poster Child for Wasteful Management 

Chapter 33: I Cannot Feel My Toes  

Chapter 34: Power Loss (The Winter of Your Discontent) 

Part IV: The Actions  

Chapter 35: Dealing With Things 

Chapter 36: Taking Back Time 

Chapter 37: Sharing the Love – Not So Much, Please 

Chapter 38: Communications 

Part V: Corporate Movements 

Chapter 39: Reorganize, Renew, Repeat (The Three Rs) 

Chapter 40: Downsizing 

Chapter 41: Upsizing 

Chapter 42: Motivating People–Helping to Drive Performance  

Chapter 43: Change Agents – Ha! Ha!

Chapter 44: A Company That is a Good Social Partner 

Chapter 45: Leading an Organization to Greatness 

Chapter 46: A MADD Approach to Recovery in Stormy Times 

Chapter 47: How to Kick Start a Cultural Change 

Part VI: Simple Stuff 

Chapter 48: Slicing Things Up: Where Did All My Free  Time Go?

Chapter 49: The Truth Will Set You Free 

Chapter 50: Speed 

Chapter 51: Marathons – Meetings Without End  

Chapter 52: Do Not Panic 

Chapter 53: Доверяй, Но Проверяй  (Trust, But Verify) 

Chapter 54: Loyalty 

Chapter 55: What Now? 

Chapter 56: Problem Solving 

Part VII: The Point 

Chapter 57: Smell The Roses 

Chapter 58: The Good 

Chapter 59: Home Life 

Chapter 60: Diversity! 

Chapter 61: Coaching and Mentoring 

Chapter 62: Filling generational gaps 


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