In this version of William Shakespeare's romantic comedy, the audience was invited to explore the complex relationships between gender, sexuality, and love. We told this touching and clever story of separations, reunions, and mistaken identities though the magical filter of an aquatic world.
The shipgoers were removed from the mysticism of Illyria. They were mostly accurate to the Regency era, with some glamourized departures in hairstyle and menswear.
The twins exist somwehere between the two worlds--reality and Illyria--courtesy of a bright color scheme and regency-inspired silhouettes. The Illyrian natives, however, exist firmly outside the realm of realism.
Pulling inspiration from several different eras, I created a fantastical look for the Illyrians.
Toward this end, I drew inspiration from shallow-water aquatic life, such as hermit crabs, seahorses, and reef fishes.
Each of the major characters was inspired by a particular sea creature.
Olivia's looks were inspired by the movements of jellyfish.
Director: Alissa Mortimer
Set Designer: Nathan Hatfield
Lighting Designer: Joshua Robbins
Sound Designer: Richard Sprecker
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