These two graphics were commissioned by the cosplayer SkyGrazer Studios. Her concept involved two cheerleader costumes inspired by v-tubers Mori Calliope (pink) and Gawr Gura (blue). I designed this pair of logos based on each v-tuber's visual brand and linked them through traditional cheerleader stylistic elements.
CineSlinger is an indie film company based in Connecticut. I designed their updated logo using a variety of references to help them clarify their vision, and then created this logo to fulfill it.
Viking Theatre
I designed this in September 2020 for the Loudoun Valley High School Theatre Department. The logo is compatible with the school's larger media design package, yet accurately captures the theatre director's vision for his department. Inspired by Viking architecture and art, this logo represents the program's evolution over time. 
I designed this logo for the University of Oklahoma Men's Glee Club in 2016. I submitted a complete logo as part of an open call for designs, and my work was selected from among a pool of submissions. I then worked with them to tweak my design until it fully met their needs. 
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